Which Mercedes-Benz Sedan Is the Largest?

Mercedes-Benz models are well reputed for a number of reasons, among them being the top-tier comfort that only the best luxury vehicles can offer. When you’re looking for a roomy sedan where you can truly stretch your legs, there’s only one clear winner: the Mercedes-Benz S-Class! Let our Mercedes-Benz dealer near Orange County give you [...]

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How to Parallel Park With Mercedes-Benz PARKTRONIC®

Mercedes-Benz has always worked to make driving an enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a powerful engine under the hood, soft-touch creature comforts inside the cabin, or simply creating a more intuitive ride, this manufacturer delivers on every front. That’s why at Walter’s Automotive, we’re captivated by the latest innovation on the table: Mercedes-Benz PARKTRONIC®! What You [...]

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Let the 2017 Sprinter Van Do the Heavy Lifting Near Orange County

For your next heavy-duty outing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the silky drive of a Mercedes-Benz with the brawny might of a Sprinter van. Our Sprinter dealer serving Orange County now has the efficient and versatile 2017 Crew Van. Whether you need plenty of cargo room or formidable hauling power, this van has your [...]

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